The Book Prints Artwork Preorder

What is a Remarque?

A remarque is a small original work of art drawn directly onto a print (or in this case a book) by the artist.

Limited tiers of the D&C kickstarter are available with a remarque. Remarques are also available as an +add-on option. Contact if you have questions on how to do so. These will be drawn in pen and ink. Subject matter is at my discretion, but all remarques will be beautiful and in keeping with my style, and will make your book a unique artifact!

The title page of D&C has been specifically designed in such a way that it stands on its own. Circles are a running theme through the book. They are continuity, flow, connection. Portals. D&C is a visual portal into the worlds that I have been exploring.

This title page can also be enhanced by signature, and/or remarque.

A sample remarque being drawn:

Some example remarques I have done in the past:

A mock-up example of what a remarque would look like, hand drawn onto the title page of D&C